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The Hidden Beauty of the
Hebrew Genealogies

by Lloyd Anderson

"This is a masterpiece, and a fascinating piece of scholarly work... you have made a proof out of the idea of missing generations from genealogy lists, based on parts of the Bible where this is understood and widely accepted, and then you used it to solve so many scholarly issues in Genesis."  -- J. D.

Harmonizing Old Testament
Words and Numbers

Hidden Beauty offers to the Body of Christ a promising solution to a nagging and contentious Bible problem that has escaped explanation for two thousand years. The problem has to do with whether Shem's genealogy in Genesis 11 is complete or not, and if not, where and how many names are omitted. Historically, the Church has interpreted it as complete, but this view conflicts with numerous other Scriptures. Further, recent discoveries of huge numbers of cuneiform tablets testify to an earlier Flood date than is found by adding the numbers in Shem's genealogy. We propose that Shem's list has been shortened from 45-65 names to ten which means the Flood of Noah occurred nearer 4000 BC than 2500 BC. This solution eliminates the many biblical conflicts, confirms recent cuneiform finds and comes with a book full of biblical support.

About the Author

Lloyd Anderson

Lloyd Anderson received his Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1966. He was a pastor for many years, before founding the Mount Saint Helens Creation Center with his wife, Doris, in 1998. Lloyd’s passion for God’s word and determined vigilance for accuracy and truth shone through his seminars and guided tours on the importance of Mount St. Helens as example of the catastrophic processes likely taking place during the Biblical deluge, and he also traveled to churches throughout the region speaking about the truths of Biblical creation. He retired from MSHCC in 2014, and has been researching and writing on Hebrew genealogy and chronology since.

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